Medium Art Painting Mounting Service

This is custom Chinese art mounting service will allow you to have a medium size painting or print mounted with a silk brocade border, and the finished product will be ready to frame. Your finished painting, calligraphy or art print will be mounted and prepared for framing exactly as you require by following the instructions provided on this page. To contact us before ordering you may visit the contact us page to send an email or call us at one of the phone numbers listed on any page.

To Have Your Painting Mounted Tell Us:

Painting Size: Up to 24x36 Maximum size (36x24 Horizontal), for larger sizes choose one of our other mounting services or contact us for a custom quote.

Please enter the the width of the painting in this field. We will add a silk brocade border of at least 1.25 inches on each side, for some paintings we may add more if appropriate.

Overall Size: If you would like the border to be wider than 1.25 inches, or a specific size you require you may select the the overall width and height of the finished mounting, including the border. The width and height entered that exceeds the paintings size will be added to your painting as the border.

Silk Border Color: Choose the color of the silk brocade border to be used by viewing the picture included with this listing. If you don't want a border you can easily cut it from the painting later, so its always best to have the border added.

After you place your order we will email you the address where you will send your painting to have it mounted.

Available Options:

Border Color :

Overall Size :

Paper Size :

Item Size/Details

Painting Size: 24x36 or 36x24 Max
Overall Size: 30x48 or 48x30 Max
Border Color: Custom Color
Item Number: bws-cmpms
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