Modern blank wall scrolls are contemporary Chinese designs that use new techniques and a heat sensitive glue. Modern wall scrolls have a much more finished look, a much smoother appearance and they are cheaper to create because they require less time to make.

There are many advantages to using a modern designed blank wall scroll, including;

  • They require less work to create, so they are a little cheaper.
  • The modern techniques yield a scroll that is much smoother, and has a much more finished look. These scrolls are very beautiful and will last for many years if properly cared for.
  • You can use a sheet of a special heat sensitive glue to mount your finished artworks to this scroll. The mounting process is fast and the results are excellent after you have mastered the process.

There are two disadvantages in using a modern scroll design instead of a traditional Chinese wall scroll.

  1. Paintings mounted on these blank wall scrolls are permanently attached, removal is very difficult if not impossible. I have removed a painting from this type of scroll successfully, but more often than not I have destroyed them. This type of scroll is more suitable for commercial artworks and artworks that do not have a high potential future resale value.
  2. Because the glue used to mount the painting on this blank wall scroll is synthetic, inks will not absorb as readily or evenly into the paper, so they may or may not be suitable for Chinese brush painting, it depends on the style you will be painting.

The good news is both of these problems can be easily solved by writing your calligraphy, or creating your brush painting on a separate piece of Chinese rice paper. After your artwork has been completed you can use a wheat based glue or other traditional glue to mount the artwork. this will yield a smooth finished scroll, and the painting can still be removed in the future if needed.

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