Wet mounted blank wall scrolls are created using traditional Chinese scroll making techniques, they are more expensive and take much longer to create than modern wall scrolls. Though modern wall scrolls have more finished look, wet mounted traditional Chinese wall scrolls have their own advantages.

Advantages of Traditional Chinese Wall Scrolls

  • A traditional Chinese wall scroll made using the wet mounting process will last a long time, even hundreds of years if cared for properly.
  • Paintings mounted onto these scrolls using the wet mounting process can be removed at a later date without damaging the painting. This means if the artwork needs to be repaired it can be.

Disadvantages of a Traditional Chinese Wall Scroll

  1. Traditional Chinese wall scrolls seldom have as smooth and finished an appearance as scrolls made using modern techniques and materials.
  2. These scrolls take much longer to make, and are a little more expensive because they require a lot more labor to make and to mount paintings on.

If you want to go with a traditional Chinese wall scroll your patience will be rewarded, the scrolls will get smoother the longer they are hanging as the weight of the scroll rod will eventually cause the paper to become straighter and smoother. The other reward is longevity, no one is absolutely sure how long scrolls will last when made using modern techniques, and results may vary according to the skill of the artisan and the quality of the materials used. However, scrolls made using the wet mounting process will last many lifetimes, and should they need repaired or replaced the painting can be remounted.

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