Bright Red Blank Paper Chinese Wall Scroll

This is a very bright red blank paper paper Chinese wall scroll that will catch the eye of anyone entering the room. This draws attention to your painting or calligraphy and helps make certain your artworks get noticed. 

The color red is also considered to be a blessing, as well as protecting you from harm. In Feng Shui the color red adds a lot of positive yang energy to the room where it is hung, so it is not a good choice for bedroom, which should lean more towards Yin. A lovely and auspicious red silk blank paper scroll made using a bright red silk brocade material with a subtle embossed pattern.

Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: 9x33 Inches
Scroll Color: Red and White
Painting Size: 6.5x17 Inches
Scroll Type: Modern
Item Number: bws-a357

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