Cream Color Blank Paper Scroll for Painting or Calligraphy

A very pale yellow/cream color blank wall scroll made with silk brocade that has a very subtle floral pattern. The color of this blank wall scroll is very difficult to capture in a picture, and the color will vary slightly at times because the silk brocade materials are hand dyed one batch at a time. We call this scroll cream color, and the color will vary from a very pale yellow to antique white.

An Affordable Alternative to Mounting Paintings and Calligraphy

When creating artworks the costs associated with mounting a finished painting can be too much to make it feasible for most artists. This is why we offer a wide variety of blank paper scrolls to the art community.

Our blank Chinese scrolls make it affordable for individual artists to create brush paintings and write calligraphy directly onto finished scrolls, thus bypassing the expensive process of having finished art mounted.

Silk Brocade Blank Paper Wall Scroll

Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: 11x29 Inches
Scroll Color: Cream or Pale Yellow
Painting Size: 8x12 Inches
Scroll Type: Modern
Item Number: bws-5242b

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