Japanese Tanzaku Hanging Scroll - Natural Silk Color

Tanzaku hanging scroll ready to hang your artworks. These Japanese style scrolls are made to order to insure you receive the finest quality product possible. A blank Tanzaku hanging scroll, which is ready to hang your artworks on. These traditional Japanese style scrolls are made to order.

This blank Japanese scroll is made in the traditional Tanzaku style. To add your artworks you simply need to install the wire or string used to hold the painting. The reason we do not add the string to this bank Japanese scroll is your painting may be a different size than the mounting area of a pre-installed wire/string.

It is very easy for anyone to install a string or wire into a blank Tanzaku scroll. Inserting a thread, thin string or wire into the scroll to mount your artworks as shown in the picture located under the "More Pictures" tab will insure your mounting area is exactly the right size.

Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: 7x26 Inches
Scroll Color: Natural Silk Color
Item Number: a1258

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