Medium Wall Scroll Mounting Service

Custom wall scroll mounting service allowing you to have your finished paintings or art prints mounted onto a wall scroll designed to your specifications. Your painting or print will be mounted onto a wall scroll made exactly as you instruct us by following the instructions provided below. If your scroll design is complicated or you would simply prefer to talk to us before ordering you may visit the contact us page to send us an email or call us at one of the phone numbers listed on any page of this site.

To Have Your Blank Wall Scroll Designed Tell Us:

Scroll Size: Any size up to 18 inches wide and 48 inches long (48x18 for horizontal scrolls). For larger sizes you will need to choose one of our other custom scroll sizes or contact us for a custom quote.

For optimal results omit the width and height information and simply provide us with the size of the painting area. Your scroll will be made by our professional artisans in a size that is appropriate for your painting.

To have our artisans size the scroll for you simply enter in this field the word vertical or horizontal and we will do the rest.

Painting Size: Enter the width of the blank paper "painting" area for your scroll design. The width of your scroll will be about 2.5 inches wider than the painting area (height for horizontal scrolls).

Scroll Color/Colors: You may choose your scrolls silk color/colors from the picture included with this listing. Scrolls may be designed using either one or two colors. Typically two color scrolls will use white silk around the painting to provide a nice contrast in colors.

If you need a color not listed you will need to contact us first. We will do our best to find the color and let you know the results of our search ASAP.

Scroll Rods?: Do you want to include the black wooden scroll rods extending beyond the scroll at the bottom (vertical scrolls only)?

After placing your order we will email you the address where you will need to send your painting to have it mounted.

Available Options:

Paper Size :

Scroll Color :

Scroll Size :

Wood Rods :

Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: 18x48 or 48x18 Max
Scroll Color: Custom Color
Painting Size: 15.5 Max Width for Vertical or Height Horizontal
Scroll Type: Modern
Item Number: bws-cmbwsm
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