Small Blue-White Blank Wall Scroll With Wood Rods

A small blue and white silk brocade blank wall scroll with black wood rods at that bottom, which assist the scroll in hanging straight on your wall immediately. Calligraphy artists love this small blank paper scroll as it allows them to display finished paintings right away, or sell their finished artworks as soon as the ink dries.

These blank scrolls are also a good choice for small watercolor paintings, like ink paintings of Chinese Zodiac characters or flowers. Small blank wall scrolls like this one are perfect for writing single calligraphy symbols or watercolor, it has a 5x7 inch rice paper painting area.

Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: 7x19 Inches
Scroll Color: Blue and White
Painting Size: 5x7 Inches
Scroll Type: Modern
Item Number: bws-a285

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