Small Custom Blank Paper Horizontal Wall Scroll

A custom design service allowing you to have your small horizontal blank wall scroll designed to your exact specifications. If you need a small custom blank horizontal wall scroll made just follow the instructions provided below. If you have questions, would like to order in quantity or prefer to speak with us before ordering you may call us to order.

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Scroll Size: Up to 32x12 inches total.

Painting Size: The total height of the scroll will be 2 to 3 inches taller than the height of the painting area and the width up to 12 inches narrower. This is required to allow for the silk surrounding the blank painting area.

Scroll Color/Colors: You may choose the preferred color/colors by viewing the picture included with this listing. Your scroll can be designed using one or two colors. Two color scrolls normally use white silk around the painting to provide a nice contrast in colors.

Please Note: Our custom blank scrolls are made in our own shop in Beijing, China. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the scroll to be made and 3-7 additional days for delivery.

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Item Size/Details

Scroll Size: Custom Size
Scroll Color: Custom Colors
Painting Size: Custom Size
Scroll Type: Modern
Item Number: bws-schbws
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